1. To PWN someone or something
2. a very large penis
3. To be cool
1. That kid got Sepulveda'ed during that basketball game last night
2. Did you see the size of that Sepulveda!? Damn...
3. I love that guy, hes so Sepulveda
by Mao Ze-Dong July 27, 2009
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A slang, and often times durogatory term used to identify illegal immigrants who floated to this country on an inflatable raft.
Did you see how low that car was to the ground?? He must have a bunch of sepulvedas in the back trunk.

Im sick of all these sepulvedas hangin around 7 11. Why can't they just get a job?

If my daughter ever brings home a sepulveda, she is completely out of my will.

These lousy sepulvedas are really eating up all our tax dollars
by Big Bird 33 December 11, 2008
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Luis Sepulveda is a wise man, but can be very lazy, and sometimes says very dumb things, like "Lightning comes from the ground."
I can believe Luis Sepulveda thinks Lightning comes from the ground.
by Pamposs February 05, 2018
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a kindful nice enjoying person only cares about everybody before her self she is really nice and a really good sister/bff but if you get on her bad side thing wont go well
iris sepulveda
by Anomanys1134 September 18, 2020
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a bucktooth with no life who thinks he is a beast at fortnite.
Luis sepulveda is gay.
by fortnightlover6969 February 12, 2018
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