A game similar to the penis game where 2 or more people start a whispering chant of the the word "yes" that gets progressively louder and faster as though they are reaching the climax of their orgasms. The first person to get an awkward stare from a stranger while in public wins.
One of the players gives the other a funny, sexual stare to signal the beginning of the yes game.

Player 1: "...yes"

Player 2: " Yes!"

player 1: "YEEEESSS!!!!!"

Random pedestrian: "Wtf is going on over there?" **walks away embarrassed & confused**
by anonymous986757965 June 10, 2012
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when your with your bros and you see a girl that you would nail and you say out loud, "yes!"
mike: hey bro how bout her in the black


by ERICFUCKINCHURCH November 30, 2011
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Ultimate fun when your with alot of gurls and some frinds, pretty fun, some would say lame, but all of my friends find amazingly fun, but , ofcourse, we are only 14.

so you can customize it how you want but basic rules are if you say yes you to do what you all agreed to. ya yup and any such way meaning yes still counts, the only exception is nodding your head. we started with MAKE-OUT yes, out of boredom and all you do is pick partners and then jsut start talking about shit

no matter what, if you say yes, then you have to make out, we put the timer at 5 seconds... short, but happens often

then after i made up STRIP yes, thsi was very fun, even though i sucked at it lol, basically you take off 1 piece of clothing per time you say yes, no pussing out, all the way down to naked, very fun if you wanna see some chicks tities
"YES" game!
(strip yes)

person number 1: anyway so i was playing madden yesterday
person number 2: i love the fucking game
person number 1: FUCK YA, it ownz....O GOD DAMN IT FUCK I FUCKING FORGOT
person number 3: HAHAHAAHHAH off goes your pants!!!
by tehwhiterabbit May 9, 2006
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A game in which one person has to answer either "yes" or "no" to any given question. Very handy when speaking to a friend or spouse at work about material not appropriate for coworkers.
Person 1: "Do you want to play the yes no game?"
Person 2: "Yes."
Person 1: "Did you get an interview for the job you applied for?"
Person 2: "Yes."
by slickskier August 17, 2011
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A game you play with your buddies when you're bored. When girls pass by you either say "yes" or "no". The yes or no refers to whether the person saying it would have sex with the person he's referring to. This game is played outside (while waiting for the server to bring out your order) or next to a window. Best places are where there's moderate pedestrian traffic so that you don't confuse who he says yes to. This also gives you a good idea of the kind of girls your friend is into. Sometimes, though it can get tricky because the person in question could go either way. That's when the buddy can help a little. Make sure the pedestrians are out of earshot.
EX 1:

Andy: Man, I hope our order doesn't take long.
Dave: No problem. Let's play the yes or no game.

Andy: Cool. Alright, yes...yes...no...no...yes.
Dave: What!! her?! No way dude! You're desperate.

EX 2: Andy: No...no...yenoonofinalanswer...yes...no.okay wait, she was a yesyes...no...no...hmm...Idon'twellsheoh-

Dave: come on dude!

by Studmachine November 29, 2011
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a game played by asking questions that can only be answered with a yes or a no
I had to play the yes and no game with the police officer to prove that I didn't do it.
by Mr. Always Yesorno July 10, 2010
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