Stands for Wrestling Association.
Known to throw keggers, drink forties, be fine looking ladies, cause a ruckus like wu tang clan, and wreak havoc on unsuspecting cities.
Mostly described as:
'A gang of down ass bitches.'
"Damn, here comes the W.A, they are some down ass bitches."
by C.Capone. October 19, 2008
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Wannabe drifter's are showing up in more and more various locations but the native land of the W.D (wannabe drifter) is Temecula,California. Locating a W.D isn't that hard as their camouflage isn't very good, see they will typically have bright red Nissans (240 is the model of choice) and if their red nissan 240 is not bringing enough attention to them it is not rare to find them in hopes of priming their car in a low quality spray paint primer.

To see if the person is a W.D we need to be friends with this person on facebook so we can see if they upload pictures of their Red or Primered Nissan 240(parked) and then proceed to set the photo as their avatar or "default" picture. This will help us to further our knowledge on the W.D. or not matter because it shows us that the W.D. is simply bringing attention to his/herself (typical to the W.D.). Another Bonus to the facebook friendship is that we may see things such as "drifting is my life" or "i love drifting" in the persons status or "about me" section on the left side of their profile, this,besides giving us a good laugh, proves that the person does not infact drift because no real racer would post such a mindbogglingly ridiculous quote on his/her's profile.( the W.D. will also be very cocky and post things such as "Too bad there aren't any real racers around" when infact they are not a real racer at all)
*Wannabe Drifter "W.A" is speeding by*

PERSON 1: dang that car was pretty cool! Person 2, did you see that?

PERSON 2: yeah it was just one of those wannabe drifters driving really fast trying to look cool.

PERSON 1: ohh wow yeah those guys are so cool!!!!!

W.D: *yells from window* im better than everyone in the world at drifiting!!!!!!!
by zkdfhaihcjkgt October 5, 2010
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A measurement western Australia’s shark fisherman to use measure sharks.
Eg. 1 normal meter would equal 2m as a w.a measurement.
Jamie “did you see my tiger? It’s was 14.3”

Callum “ yeah but that’s in w.a measurements yiu lying cunt.
by Thekingofsharking November 21, 2021
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A measurement Western Australian shark fisherman use to measure there sharks.
Eg. 1m would equal 2m in a w.a measurement.
Jamie “hey guys, did you see my 4.3m tiger?”

Callum “yeah, but that’s w.a measurement so it doesn’t really count”
by Thesharkgod November 30, 2021
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