1. When someone who shows great relationship promise disappears suddenly and unexpectedly. Usually they will deliver the news with a text message, letter or, equally cowardly and detached form of media messaging. Like the vapor trail of a fast-moving airplane, there is evidence that the plane was once there, but is now nowhere to be seen.

2. Spurned
"Geri and I were getting along so well. We had several amazing dates... she was so into me two nights ago, but this morning she vapor-trailed me with a text message saying that she didn't want to see me anymore."

"Scott was so amazing. We always made time for each other. We even planned a dinner date for this evening. But when I got home from work, he vapor-trailed me with a note he slipped under my door saying that we can't hang out anymore."
by emospurned November 15, 2013
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a very nice car such as a mustang or a corvette in a silver/light grey shade.

when it drives through the light the color makes it look like vapor therefore it has the name "the vaporator" its kind of a term for your very own superhero car...like the batmobile
my vaporator is looking fly in the light
by the "it" chick January 20, 2010
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a word that you say when you meet a friend who you haven't seen for a very long time.
Dude,haven't seen you for ages!You're like vaporized.
by little hulk December 24, 2006
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Vapor vaulting is the act of pressing one's anus to another's, particularly after coitus, when the undercarriages are at their moistest. A gaseous deposit is then made into the receiving butthole.
Yeah, man, we were wiped out, but we were sweaty, so I thought to myself, "Why not? I'm gonna try vapor vaulting you."
by De la frookster September 8, 2014
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A goal that ist more talked about than actually doing something for it. It is similar vaporware in the games, software and film industry.
A: I will make these self improvement courses to becomes a millionaire and than I will get all the girls. B: Bro that's a vapor goal! Do you you really work for it? I just see you talking and thinking about it!
by WannabeNeologist February 19, 2023
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Clid: What's your height?
Vapor: 5'7"
by KRA13S January 23, 2022
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a girl who is WAY too in to vaporwave
“That angsts girl with the funky hair and the holographic shoes is such a vapor hoe.”
by pro hero midoriya June 11, 2019
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