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A Dragon Ball Super, Universe 11 strongest, fighter who participates in the Tournament of Power to fight against other Universes.
Jiren: It is over!
by AuPlauSe January 14, 2018
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He's a jerk but cute. He has a small dick but the girls just love to ride it. He's an extraordinary human being. Liked and loved by many girls. Such a man whore?? Kind of like the sexiest man alive. He loves attention from people especially when it comes to girls. He's hilariously funny and has such a sweet personality once u actually get to know him.
Trisha: omg Jiren is so sexy
by Anon Y. Mous 101987 December 27, 2013
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The most bland type of person to exist. His backstory is the most cliche shit. His personality is nonexistent. He's strong physically for no reason besides to be a strong foe. His motive's design is lazy. The pinnacle of snorefests. Yet edgy teens love him for some unknown reason.
"Hey guys check out my new OC!"
"That's such a fucking Jiren, go back to deviantart or make something actually interesting."
by succzadusto February 10, 2019
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The main antagonist of the "universe survival arc" in dragon ball super.

First appearance: In episode 85.

Structure: He is the quiet-strong one in the Tournament Of Power all with high self-esteem; Jiren is known as the strongest warrior in universe 11 along with the "Pride Troopers". Whom also has regained his pride after remeberance of his lost village as a child. He then ultimately breaks into a rebellious fit of rage due to being cornered and humiliated by Goku in his UI state.

Association: Pride troopers, universe 11.

Nickname(s): Grey warrior, Jiren the grey, etc.
"Saiyans... quite interesting beings... but... this heat. that is your limit."

by utopiarealized February 11, 2019
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