A Dragon Ball Super, Universe 11 strongest, fighter who participates in the Tournament of Power to fight against other Universes.
Jiren: It is over!
by AuPlauSe January 13, 2018
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The main antagonist of the "universe survival arc" in dragon ball super.

First appearance: In episode 85.

Structure: He is the quiet-strong one in the Tournament Of Power all with high self-esteem; Jiren is known as the strongest warrior in universe 11 along with the "Pride Troopers". Whom also has regained his pride after remeberance of his lost village as a child. He then ultimately breaks into a rebellious fit of rage due to being cornered and humiliated by Goku in his UI state.

Association: Pride troopers, universe 11.

Nickname(s): Grey warrior, Jiren the grey, etc.
"Saiyans... quite interesting beings... but... this heat. that is your limit."

by utopiarealized February 11, 2019
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The most bland type of person to exist. His backstory is the most cliche shit. His personality is nonexistent. He's strong physically for no reason besides to be a strong foe. His motive's design is lazy. The pinnacle of snorefests. Yet edgy teens love him for some unknown reason.
"Hey guys check out my new OC!"
"That's such a fucking Jiren, go back to deviantart or make something actually interesting."
by succzadusto February 10, 2019
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Someone who has no fighting skills whatsoever and believes he is strong but actually he is gang weak.
Why do you have two black eyes ?” .
“Because I’m Jiren” .
by Tshego's tenti-toes March 14, 2019
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To believe in the strongest person in dbz and to believe that jiren could kick son gokus ass at anytime but know the he really cant
jirenism is used in the beginning of dbz super
by silver flame March 24, 2018
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A girl who is perfect in every way. She has georgous dark hair and mysterious brown eyes. She has a beautiful hourglass figure and often has a boyfriend. The name Jirene is given to people who are kind and sweet to others. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. Amazing personality. That's why she has lots of friends who all think she's georgous! To see her smile is like having the sun shine bright. Jirene get straight As, have an awesome sense of humor, are kind to everyone, and are adorable. Jirene is talented, an amazing dancer who love music. She has the most amazing dark wavy hair and mysteries eyes. She can be hard to read at times but don't worry she is very trust worthy. She is smart, hard working, and a all around good person. She is also a friend to the four legged furry creatures! She's a very charismatic girl with a big heart. The only flaw with Jirene is that she will never see these things in herself. She's very depressed and insecure.
Person 1: "Jirene, how are you so smart?"

Jirene: "Im not even that smart!"

Person 1: "You're pretty, too!"

Jirene: "You're prettier than I am!"
by ubnd August 20, 2019
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A badass broken motherfucker with the magnumist dong ever and makes goku look like a giant pussy
I'm gonna jiren the grey

this tournament and your mom
by Magnumist Dong 68 October 31, 2017
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