The toilet stall between two occupied stalls in a men's public restroom, that according to etiquette, shall remain empty during the time for which the aforementioned adjacent stalls are in use; that also provides a "safety shield" against unwanted physical contact and aroma.
Public Restroom Patron #1; {sitting in stall "A"}
Public Restroom Patron #2; {proceeds to enter stall "B"}
PRP#1; "Whoa there, Senator! Mind the Vapor Barrier!"
by Felix1234 November 29, 2007
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The shit that comes out of your ass when you take a shit or have a wet fart
Damn dude did you blow up the bathroom with you poop vapor ass?
by Minecraft miner April 18, 2019
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Doo-Doo Vapor is a substance which, although not deadly, is very unpleasant and should be avoided at all costs. Doo-Doo Vapor occurs when somebody has decided to take a shower but also has to take a dump (in a bathroom where the toilet and shower are in the same room).

If this person makes the mistake of taking the dump first, flushes and then gets ready to take a shower, everything seems fine. However, when the shower has started, the steam created by the hot water binds with tiny floating objects referred to in the scientific community as "doo-doo particles". After a few minutes, the person in the shower is now surrounded by air that smells like shit and is breathing it in. A valuable lesson is learned.
Millions of people a year come in contact with Doo-Doo Vapor. If you enter a bathroom that has doo-doo vapor in the air, exit immediately and scorn whoever took a shit and a shower one after the other before you.
by Skeeter McDougal April 28, 2006
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1. the essence of living life passing the least amount of friction possible

2. acknowledging one's longing for an unrequited love
"he seems really quiet/mysterious, whats up with that guy?"

"well hes a vapor in the frozen haystack if you ask me"

"i miss my girl, i might just stay at home thinking about her like a vapor in the frozen haystack"
by perockups August 15, 2009
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The rise of methane or "fart gasses" going up your pants and thru your shirt and out the collar straight into your nose when you have your shirt tucked in. Much like rubbing VAPOR RUB on your chest to clear your nose.
Wearing jeans with a tucked shirt and farting or laying down with clothes on and farting.
by JFO77 February 13, 2012
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OMG don't they just sound expensive?!

The best quality and performance soccer cleat out of the whole Nike Mercurial Family.These shoes bump heads with the Addidas Powerswerves and any other high class soccer cleat.
Vapors come in a series:I,II,III,IV,and newly V.The color ways are pretty sick,the material is light(very high quality material btw,like this Tejin synthetic stuff),and supposedly they insanely help ball control.These soccer cleats normally range from $100-$400 and are often worn by professional soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo but extreme soccer but extreme soccer people(FANATICS),people who are REALLY into soccer often buy these to either:

a)for the hype,to show off and they have moola
b)Make themselves feel better about playing soccer

I fit d.

A downside to this cleat is that they get dirty and scraped easily.Also a lot of people complain about getting blisters when first wearing the shoe.
Following the soccer cleat 'game' can lead you to become similar to the nike sb sneakerheads who just collect shoes.I can understand for SBs because I do that but Mercurial vapors....umm why?they cost hella money.
Young Chaz sat in front of his computer on Youtube,watching videos of people opening their new Nike Mercurial Vapor box for the FIRST TIME,wishing that he could buy them one day.(yes people seriously do post videos of this)

Martha was so pissed when that chick stepped and made a mark on her Nike Mercurial Vapor iv's, that she totally went off and slapped the bitch.~~oh shit!new phrase:Nike Mercurial rage.
by Y-DebaCLE December 29, 2010
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A common remedy for nasal congestion due to the common cold

The opposite of Cologne, worn by men who are determined to NOT get laid.
I got a cold, so I used some Vick's Vapor Rub.

Dude, you smell like Vick's... You can't go out like that!
by John J Lannon January 26, 2009
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