In close relation to the infamous "Dirty Sanchez" the unibrow is when you are performing sensational anal coitus and pull out your cock and slap it across her forehead right above her eyes bridging the gap and therefore creating "THE UNIBROW"AKA " THE UNIBROWN"
Did you see Brittney with the unibrow ?She must have a lot of shit on her mind!
by Dr.felacio December 23, 2017
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A mustache that has migrated towards the nothern reigion of the face, usually between the eyebrows.

Sometimes there will still be some mustache left, as not all of it wanted to leave.
Guy 1: Didn't he have a mustache yesterday?
Guy 2: yeah, it just migrated to create that unibrow.
by Sewsuper November 17, 2011
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A single eyebrow, linked by hair over the nose between what in most people are two separate eyebrows.
The screen actor Colin Ferrell has one of the sexiest unibrows I've ever seen.
by Mark August 2, 2003
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the unibrow is basically an eyebrow which extends across a persons forehead connection with the other eyebrow, although sometimes considered unsitely the unibrow is completly harmless , other words for unibrow are "monobrow" and "bricky"
the latter being used in small island communities in the pacific and has kept working as a slang to english speakers of the region, the word may have other meanings throughout the world.
"he has a rather unsightly bricky on his forehead"
"that man has a unibrow"
by christopher lawess September 11, 2006
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The single contiguous eyebrow that results from the usual two individual eyebrows extending to the facial centerline. Also called monobrow.
An urban hipster may wear a unibrow only with a mullet.
by DancesWithQueso August 27, 2003
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A perfect union of the brows, admired and respected by all and great source of personal pride for those that are so blessed.
by Chris G: Unibrowed P-I-M-P January 12, 2005
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the overgrowth of unwanted facial hair between the eyebrows.
also called mono brow.
Jerry has a unibrow.
by steven July 28, 2003
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