Describing a person who is utter and complete filth who is not hot, wealthy, sexual, as into you, or as amazing than you wish. This person often treats you like trash and therefore they are flaunting their trash onto others. They may smell, sleep with others, or just not be all you worked them up to be. Have a back-up plan if you plan on meeting trash out on the town, like needing to go eat a hot dog!

In case they are too much to handle and you can't stand any aspect of them you may refer to the person as Ttttt-RRRRrrrr-AAaaaAAAAAaaaAAAaaaAA-SSSSSsssss-HHHhhhh!! While changing the tone of your voice continuously.
That man was just total and complete and utter TRASH!!!!! How could I have even spent that time thinking about him, TRAAAAAASSSHHHH!!! He better not text me ever again, cuz I might start getting into him again!
by Charles Scott January 23, 2009
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New York's hottest club is TRASH. This meat packing hot spot includes Pierre, the Muslim Elvis impersonator; clones; freaks; sneezing; a Russian man on a prepaid cell phone; and there's no password! All you have to do is do the "Cosby face!"
Seth Meyers: Where's a good place to take my family over the weekend?
Stefon: New York's hottest club is TRASH!
Seth Meyers: ...
by LMG123 November 23, 2010
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Short for "Trans Rights Activist Shitting Herself/Himself." Created as a response to the TRA epithets TERF and FART. The image invoked by TRASH is one of a TRA going insane over the idea of someone not believing Men are Women
Will someone please sort out this TRASH?
Stop being such TRASH.
TRASH people deserve no respect.
by HoxhaWasAPacifist April 28, 2020
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A youth sub-culture that exists predominantly in Melbourne, Australia where they idolize the idea of being referred to as trashbags. You often hear them saying things such as "I love trash."

Trash refers to going out and getting slaughtered, consuming mind altering substances; anything from alcohol to illicit substances. It means you dance until your feet bleed, and for guys too take there tops off after, you stomp and you smack on the walls. You loose things, you forget that you can have a conversation with out screaming and you generally embaress yourself.

It is not uncommon when trashed that you would get into a fight, consume more substances too get you more trashed, pick up a random. Friends often encourage and support the trash. They embrace there trasher friends and join them.
I love trash.

Trash Time.

2 am tops off.
by trasher1 April 30, 2009
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