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One who is feared amongst his/her Opposition.
You: “Dude Red got into a fight last night at the library!”

Friend: “Dude, with who?”

You: “With Bryce! Dude red beat him so badly, that’s why Bryce isn’t here today!”

Friend: “Red is a total Ocon bro!”
by Mr.Ocon May 07, 2018
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Otherwise known as O'Connie, O'Connor, Ryan, Patty O'Furniture, Ocon is a rare species of sub-humanoid found only in Delta, BC, living in his parents home. Ocon has been known to have various amounts of hair growth on the face, and a long, hippie-like mane of hair.
That Ocon is a hippie! A dirty hippie!
by boo_earns August 18, 2003
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French slang for both butthole and dickhead, used specifically for arrogant youngsters.

Although the phrase has been in use ever since the French F1 driver Esteban Ocon started driving in formula 3, it has gained momentum over the 2018 F1 championship.

Many remember the typical Ocon-like behavior of the original Ocon in his press remarks about Max Verstappen after he failed to admit to his mistake (even after being penalized for it) that had cost Verstappen a sure win at Interlagos
Jorge: Dude, that guy is such an Ocon. He broke my mug but claims it was the wind.

Mary: No way! I would never date him, look at his face!? He’s a total Ocon

Helena: you guys would tell me if I behaved like an Ocon, right?
by Frank N. Beans November 12, 2018
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