something a spider makes to live in. it is made up of lines of silky shit that come out of the spider's ass
the spider in charlottes web made spider webs with words in them
by mandy March 31, 2005
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A spiderweb is when you are doin your chick and she saus stop before you blow it then you wait till she falls asleep and blow it in her hair
by Mike Smith October 02, 2004
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A spider web is when you fart and touching two distant objects with your butt, creating a gas cloud that others have to walk through. For example, standing in the door and farting, touching your butt to both door jambs, and yelling, "spider web!"
Everyone was in the room when I felt a big one coming on....I totally let it rip and touched my ass to the tables...creating a big spider web that everyone had to walk through!
by unvmyvw412 October 15, 2010
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A silky thing that spiders produce that turns you into a karate master once you walk into one.
holy shit dude i walked into a spider web
by karatemaster1337 March 12, 2019
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When you are eating a Girl out and u sneeze on her pussy and your snot that you sneezed connects to her pussy looking a like gooey spider web
I sneezed on her pussy and with all the extra snot that came out my moth and nose it looked like a spider web
by Netheo March 01, 2008
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the noun used to describe dried semen stuck in one's pubic hair
I cummed so hard my spider web looked like it was made by a tarantula
by UnattentiveApple April 16, 2011
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When a man cums all over his mate in the shape of a spider web
by Ben Carroll October 30, 2003
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