After Kevin Durant's acceptance speech for NBA 2013/14 MVP, in which he called his mother the "real mvp", the term has become commonly used when giving someone appreciation or thanks.
by thesvs October 7, 2014
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MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. Kevin Durant ( a guy you usually see on this meme) was talking about his mom while receiving the MVP Trophy on the sixth of May 2014 and called her ( his mother) the real MVP. After that this phrase indicates that somebody has done something really well, or so it's considered to mean.
Guys, who pay for Netfilx and let others use their account , you the real MVP
You write a good online review on a product? You the real MVP
by Illuminatus February 7, 2015
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A person who is well deserving of credit and recognition in a situation in which their role would otherwise be overlooked or deemed insignificant to the resulted success.
Derrick: Yo dawg, I wanna thank you for havin' that party at your crib last night. I got some mad pussy bro, you sure now how to show a good time. Shit was off the chain.

Kevin: Na homie, don't sweat it. You're the only one who helped stay and clean up the empty beer bottles and scrub off the dry semen stains on my couch. You da real MVP.
by Mikeulf May 26, 2014
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You're the real "Most Valuable Player". It's a congratulatory term.
"Whoever leaked the nudes"
"You the real MVP"
by This is a name September 7, 2014
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A phrase people that have no life and no friends on Twitter use to say to athletes that have won an MVP award.
James Harden: *posts a tweet*
Person who hasn’t touched grass: Win a real mvp James Frauden
by Boyboy888 May 21, 2021
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