To daydream of surreal scenarios and situations that have just been mentioned or wondered about, often in an exaggerated manner as seen in the character of JD in scrubs
JD: god that lecturer is boring
Elliot: even though his boring dont scrub off again especially about the whole seperating your head from your body thing again
by maso+cookie March 13, 2009
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1) What you tell scrubs when you want them to leave.

2) Someone who is rated at least a 3.3 on the Gates scaling system 2.
Hey Brian, scrub-off!
by Gates inc. February 24, 2009
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(verb) In the the bluegrass genre it means the starting of the song also know as mash one , cut it , put it in the pocket , drop the big one five, or weld it.

One needs to understand it has nothing to do with jacking off ( all though it could)
ladies and genta mens we gonna scrub one off fer ya
by chip staford June 18, 2011
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