don't let mom catch you talking to bongespob paresquants at 3 am or else she will take the stinky lesson and go wacky on you with it.
Elizabreth: lol im gonna talk to my bf bongespob paresquants
Elizabreth: hi babe <333333333333333333333333
Pongebob Paresquants: lol heeyaw if y'all know what I mean
the poop sock: *wakes up*
mom: omg not pongebob paresquants! it's time for the poop sock.
by mastr gril123456781 June 13, 2019
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An item used to hide poop from mommy (Typically stored under the bed). Don’t let her find it.
Mom found my poop sock :(“
by Rikogordsberry February 05, 2019
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A poop sock is a sock that is used for defecation. You must hide it from everyone, especially your mother, if she finds it you will be destroyed by space and time and will cease to exist.
Y'all gotta hide me my mom found my poop sock and she's looking for me. If she finds me i'm going to die
by ishidmypant March 20, 2019
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The clutch object when you are far away from the bathroom and don't think you'll make it. Poop in the sock, wipe with the outside.
Kid: "I really need to poop!"
by Nialltheboss June 22, 2019
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A normal foot sock which is used to catch feces from World of Warcraft players who can't get up to use the bathroom while in the heat of battle.
I've been playing WOW for 2 days straight and my poop sock is almost full.
by arNette September 26, 2006
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Poop Sock (n). - A normal foot sock which is used to defecate into. The use of a poop sock can be caused by a lack of willingness to get up and go to the bath room, due to being presently engaged in a video game, or other mentally strenuous activity.

Poop Sock (v). - The verb poop sock, is used to allude to a process that will consume much time, and involve very little moving.
- I have a poop sock of a test coming up for Latin. Should take at least 3 hours to finish.
- That Molten Core run took 8 hours; sure was a poop sock and a half.
by Beau Bouchard August 20, 2007
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