A devastating event in which your mother finds the sock that you use when you are out of toilet paper and you have to take a SHIT. The poop sock is a sock that you shit in when you dont have toilet paper
When mom finds the poop sock is exactly what it sounds like

John - Dude, my life is fucking over

Connor - Let me guess, your mom found the poop sock when you ran out of toilet paper again?
by skywar1514 January 22, 2020
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Things only mothers find once you have given up or haven't tried hard enough

That moment when you look for something and can't find it so you ask your mother if she's seen it and you look there and still can't find it so you ask her again and she walks over and finds it exactly where she said.
"Mom I can't find the peanut butter!"
"It's on the top left shelf."
"I don't see it. It's not there!"
(Mom walks over, pulls out the jar that is right in front of your face.)
"Oh, thanks for the mom find."
by bardal-es April 20, 2017
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