A descriptor for a job that nobody wants to work and someone inevitably gets stuck doing against their will. A reference to the movie Little Nicky when Satan crams a pineapple up Hitler's Bunghole.
The Slurry pit full of hog manure needs cleaned out... Who's going to take the pineapple and clean it up?
by Alphasniper March 11, 2007
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Are ya ready kids?
aye, aye captain!
I can’t Heeeaaar Yooouuu!

Who lives in a pinneapple under the sea?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Absobant and yellow and pourous is he?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Who's nautical nonsense be something you wish?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
So drop on the deck snd flop like a fish!
Spongebob! Squarepants!


Spongebob! Squarepants!
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Spongebob! Squarepants!

by RyanFranzen February 18, 2019
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A code word to replace the phrase "That's what she said" in order to avoid alerting unwanted participants.
New Female coworker at demonstration: "This is my first time, so take it slow."

Male coworker to other coworkers: "Pineapple!"
by Rupert Shackleton August 3, 2014
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A dressing-down or verbal punishment, particularly from management to workers, and used particularly in the Australian mining and construction industries. Meant to evoke the mental picture of having a spikey pineapple shoved up one's arse.
The foreman wasn't happy; he gave us all a pineapple.
by saxen49 March 8, 2012
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A East Coast based religion designed to grab scientology by the appendix, drag it to an alley, beat to death, eat its face and then wear it in public. Yes, its a real religion.
Pineappleism Part Q
In the beginning, there were 9 magic alien pineapples and they made the earth, a co-founded by seven loch ness monsters, of every color of the rainbow- purple, light purple, dark purple, purple purple, midnight purple, not purple purple, and violet. Rabbits are the root of all evil, Whoopie Goldberg has eyebrows, and Spider Man Three is the answer to that question you didn't know on your test.
by FunkyVandor June 1, 2010
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