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An economy based on a circular exchange of money where finished goods are consumed and nothing of value is produced.
I'll be taking my half hour lunch break. I have to take the money I made from selling hamburgers to the people working at Walmart and go buy some junk from Walmart. Man, we live in such a circle jerk economy nowadays.
by alphasniper February 23, 2009
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A descriptor for a job that nobody wants to work and someone inevitably gets stuck doing against their will. A reference to the movie Little Nicky when Satan crams a pineapple up Hitler's Bunghole.
The Slurry pit full of hog manure needs cleaned out... Who's going to take the pineapple and clean it up?
by Alphasniper March 11, 2007
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A person overly obsessed with creating and evaluating championship brackets for sports tournaments.
I'm so tired of hearing all of those bracket nerds talk about who they picked for the NCAA.
by alphasniper March 23, 2011
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