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When your sleeping next to a chick who has her back to you and you start to massage her back and act like your just being nice to her for no reason, and then you just hit it from the back while she least expects it. You see, its a sneak attack which hints the name Pearl Harbor. She will never see it cumming.
My chick is all pissed off at me because I gave her the pearl harbor while she was sleeping last night.
by Sergio D. May 12, 2006
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The act of shooting your hand from your waist into the air in the shape of an airplane then screaming PEARL HARBOR and repeatively nose diving into your friends nuts.
World War II was rough. My grandpa was involved in the PEARL HARBOR!
by gay_gunther August 01, 2011
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When a guy is receiving oral sex, he explodes a bomb into the back of a girl's mouth when least expected. This procedure is most effective when being deep-throated, as the girl gags greatly.
Yo CJ, did you see Rohan's mom after I Pearl Harbored her. That had to be a liter that I blew into her mouth, and she never saw it cumming.
by John Jacobs November 15, 2004
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