Scottish Slang.
Definition- You just got ignored by someone.
"Haha You just got heavy patched"
"I Keep getting patched the full day by everyone"
by Dervint September 6, 2015
To be left on your own. Normally occurs to someone whose 'friends' hate them. A Scottish word.
Way! You got nigeled
No! I got patched, okay?
by Iamnotafuckingaccident June 14, 2010
Midwestern slang term used when you or a

buddy have put your vehicle into the ditch; hitting THE patch.
"Be carful drivin' out dere tonite' de roads are a bit slick! Gimme a call if ya PATCHED her good bud, I'll come give ya a tug!"
by ((55;$)3?:! October 17, 2020
To be severely beaten by means of a patch-bay
Yo that MC was talkin shit to his producer and his producer patched him real quick-like for running his mouth...
Getting Turnt, partying hard with illegal substances, getting drunk
I'm ready to get so patched at the party on Friday
by Ghetto girl May 13, 2015
To be raped by a girl known in many circles as "The Patch"
Harris "Dude! who did you take home last night?"

Billy "I got patched"
by Henry Ferrari October 4, 2008
Being a shady bastard and opening a chat and ignoring it.
Kieran was patching my snapchats earlier.
by SeshGremlinX February 4, 2019