The way "drunk" is typed to simulate drunkenly slurred speech -- but more likely you're just too drunk to spell and should probably put your phone down. It's like an onomatopoeia, but for text messaging.
Text: "ssooo drnk rn!"
by Sadrx September 19, 2011
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Pronounced "dernk," but NEVER spelled with vowels, it can be traced back to stupid teenagers trying to come up with a sound that retarded people make. However, the true meaning of drnk lies in its context; you say this word when there is nothing to say.
It can be used in such situations as:
1. When something boggles your mind.
2. When you are completely confused as to what a teacher or other "authority" figure is speaking about and it all sounds like the "wa-waaa" noises the adults make in Peanuts.
3. When you've just witnessed a completely stupid act or heard a completely stupid joke.
4. Et cetera.
My friend Tom, after seeing the Matrix Reloaded: "The only way to adequately describe that movie would be a shiny, four-mile high DRNK."
by becca o-yeah December 16, 2004
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A piss take of the music artist JME means drink, another variation of his meaningless vocabulary.Bleds speech.

Say: 'Durnk' (fast)
"Get me a drnk, I'm well thirsty bled."

"I need a drnk bitch!"
"Sorry Mum, I'm just following fashion and being a twat.."
by Captain Crumbs January 11, 2008
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