Lil peep is the definition of beautiful boy as he is the most beautiful boy to ever walk this world
by lilpeeppanic April 21, 2023
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A name for a person who is both innocent and youthful. Typically, they may have some humorously dainty physical qualities, such as long straight hair. They will also have personality traits which give off a naive, scared, or confused sentiment. These can include extreme shyness, quietness, or the state of being a virgin. However, they are usually very happy, and very joyful to be in this state. At the same time, they are usually entirely oblivious of being a beautiful boy.

NOTE: This term is NEVER to be used in a sexual sense. In fact, there is nothing less sexual in this world than a beautiful boy.
As a very religious man who could have any woman in the world but is still a virgin, Tim Tebow is a beautiful boy.
by notabeautifulboy January 9, 2012
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A man or boy who spends so much time on his looks that he looks like a female. He may put on foundation, concealer, eye-liner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. He may pluck his eyebrows or get them waxed and he may have long pretty hair that he maintains ultra well. Often times these men look prettier than most women you will meet although they are not considered transexual or transvestite.
Prince is always wearing so much make-up. He is surely a beauty boy.
by Pretty Boy1983 June 24, 2010
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a way to describe a very beautiful looking man
gabe is a beautiful boy”
by jeanjean222 March 16, 2021
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