a mythical monster from a far off land. The mitra feeds on the minds and souls of inferior students. Known to be seen mid-day in certain spanish rooms, the only counter to the mitra's confidence is young boys. Robby and Jamie are known antidotes.
"Fucking the mitra got another A on a test"

"Lara 'never stops talking' The Mitra"
by the champion1212 May 26, 2009
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The Goddess of the Sun. She is passionate and brave. She is tender hearted but strong. Mitra can brighten up any cloudy day and warm any cold soul though her grace from the heavens. Her presents can be seen and felt throuhout the galaxy and she is also considered the biggest and brightest star in our solar system. Unrivialed as the most vivid beautiful creation, one should never take her unconditional warm touch for granted.
From sunrise to sunset i pray thanks for having Mitra and hope that tomorrow i can see her shine agian.
by King84 December 1, 2009
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The GREAT GOD of SUN in ancient Persia. And the god of faith. The biggest sin is to break ur promise, doesn't matter if u give it to a good man or bad. Still in Iran breaking ur promise even when there isn't anything to guarantee it is a very evil thing to do specially in villages and little towns. The biggest god ever. His symbols: a sun around his head (copied by christian painters to draw saints), lion, ring (it's a symbol shows to make a promise and to be faithful forever, in old Iranian carvings u can see Mita giving a ring to king and thats a promise between them that makes the king a real king and if the king breaks that promise he would be not a king anymore. still uses all around the world as a sign of being married. and the most famous symbol is broken cross or Arian wheel or Swastika. Even after Arabs raided Iran it showed itself in ornaments in all holy places and mosques. Holy cross of Christians is a bad copy of it. In Europe it appeared as celtic and greek cross. Used by Nazis and unfortunately it made this so beautiful and meaningful and still alive Arian symbol a sign of racism. So sad...
Mitra the Great God of Sun
by Ra1000 May 1, 2006
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A brilliant, talented human being. Breathes life into the lifeless. Often underestimates their abilities.
Mitra always lifts my spirits!
by SimonDarrow July 22, 2009
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This one right here loves to hype you up. And has a soft heart for everyone, also loves making memes and sending them to you.
Mitra *makes a meme with your face and posts it*
by Not mayla February 11, 2021
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