A witty, sarcastic response to someone making a snide remark against you to an action they find unpleasant or rude.

A means to put the weight of the action back on the person questioning it to begin with. By asserting you have a Cold Soul, you are suggesting you are soulless and therefore can't empathize with their plight. Instead of merely justifying or deflecting your actions through dismissiveness, your putting the burden of reason back on the accuser. Your asking them to examine the severity of the action they deem intolerable, and doing it in the contextual framework of soullessness.
You're at the movies making loud, crunching sounds as you eat the hard pretzels purchased from the concession stand.

After the movie is over, some patrons approach you and say your loud, crunching sounds were quite rude and distracting.

Your response: I guess I just have a Cold Soul.
by a kit of goya language August 11, 2009
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