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1.Shit 2. something with no redeaming value 3. A shitty cafeteria at Case Western Reserve University
The food at leutner is asstaculer
by assface February 14, 2003
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Coined in the late 90s, this term capably describes the best person in the universe.
assfingers is great and andamaroo is not.
by assFACE November 15, 2004
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a hetero and homophobic little fagnard
steve is such a zamick
by assface January 26, 2005
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adj. 1 having shit like qualities 2. amazingly shitty 3. see asstastic
McDonalds burgers are very shit-tacular.
by assface February 15, 2003
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1. horrible 2. like ass 3. see asstastic
Dude, that cafeteria food is asstaculer.
by assface February 14, 2003
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Enemy of fun, democracy and good taste. Antithesis of goodwill and coolness.
Stalin was a bastard, but he was no graye.
by assFACE November 17, 2004
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1)A yellow metal 2)A totalitarian dictatorship in the form of a file sharing hub
Dude, brass sucks.
by assface February 08, 2003
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