To define it in short, was a civil revolution that broke out in France in 1789.
Essentially France was growing tired of the king centralizing his power...(taking it away from the nobles and giving it to himself) and being in a confortable financial position that did not require the co-governing of the french state the Estates General. Because of this, only the King himself had any ruling power over France. The Nobles, were tired of having no power and being shat on by the king, and wanted to regain power lost over the years. Educated people were tired of being classified in the "rest of France" group, the Third Estate. At this point, the peasantsa didn't really want to get involved and make their situation worse than it already was.
After Luis XVI managed to spend all of France's future revinue by starting yet another war on Britain, getting people to loan money for the war, the king finally had to turn to the Estates General for support. The Estates General decided to hear everyone in France's complaints, yet since their were 3 estates, and 95% of the population were in the third estate, the voting system existed in such a way that the first and second Estates (Clergy and Nobles) could easily outvote the Third. Consequently the angered Third Estate grew by people from the others joining the force, and took a vow not to cease their demands even after the King threatoned to dismiss the Estates General with lethal force.

Finally the third estate renamed themselves to the National Assembly, and voted all the Nobles provileges to be cancelled and called upon a set of governing laws inspired by the Declaration of Independence. (France loved America at the time for beating the British) It was called the Declaration of Rites of Man and of the Citizen and long story short only benefitted the rich people.

people were mad and radicals continued the revolution and there was much blood and killing.

The End.
by Cameron12345 March 19, 2008
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A reference to the use of the guillotine during the French Revolution to describe receiving bad head. It can almost feel like your head is getting chopped off.
Person 1 - “She gave you head last night? How was it?”
Person 2 - “It was French Revolution bro.”
by Goalieking02 August 28, 2022
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when you find out you girlfriend has been cheating on you invite her over to your place but jack off as many times as posible before she get there. when she arrives get her to give you head and instead of coming just piss in her mouth and shout "French Revolution!!!!"
hey man i found out my girl was cheating on me so i gave that bitch the French Revolution
by ronib lindsley March 4, 2004
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The Act Of Students With Special Needs Barricading Themselves In A Room To Annoy Staff.
K and J started a French Revolution barricaded themselves in the lounge at 9:30 just to make staff stay overtime.
by AHappyMogwai March 12, 2015
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Three participants engaging in alternating french mullets on a singular target.
Me and my two buddies went out drinking one night when we saw this hipster passed out drunk face down on the street and we decided to declare a french revolution on the back of his head!
by DKSTBBRL! November 17, 2019
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A bloody revolution in france, during that time France is pretty screwed up (like other times but they *gasp* did something besides whining). The peasants found themselves in an unescapable system of economy which taxes denies even simple survival while noble use their hard earned cash to feast and do nothing except kill unhappy peasants. To add to the problems, the new king Louis and his wife Marie Antoinette were incompetant and this only added to the problems. The Catalyst was when Louis decided to call the 3 estates to form an assembly to help solve the dying french economy. Ironically, everyone pitched in the effort to create a more equal france. A series of killings, wars and such happened and eventually Louis was executed along with his wife. This was the event that will soon lead to the reign of terror, and napoleon. The latter being France's only moment of glory.
Thanks to the revolutions we triggered a series of events that brought our culture today
by derek June 3, 2005
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Can only be preformed on a menstrauting female. Finger the female untill orgasm is acheived, then eat a peice of cake as a breather. Finish by resuming normal sexual activity. When the man ejaculates he removes his bloodied penis head and waves it around shouting "the king is dead!" for all present to witness.
"My girl was on the rag so I thought I'd try a French revolution"
"oh really? how did it go?"
"I was about the same as the real thing."
by Bweeze December 2, 2014
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