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when you find out you girlfriend has been cheating on you invite her over to your place but jack off as many times as posible before she get there. when she arrives get her to give you head and instead of coming just piss in her mouth and shout "French Revolution!!!!"
hey man i found out my girl was cheating on me so i gave that bitch the French Revolution
by ronib lindsley March 04, 2004
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The Act Of Students With Special Needs Barricading Themselves In A Room To Annoy Staff.
K and J started a French Revolution barricaded themselves in the lounge at 9:30 just to make staff stay overtime.
by AHappyMogwai March 12, 2015
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A bloody revolution in france, during that time France is pretty screwed up (like other times but they *gasp* did something besides whining). The peasants found themselves in an unescapable system of economy which taxes denies even simple survival while noble use their hard earned cash to feast and do nothing except kill unhappy peasants. To add to the problems, the new king Louis and his wife Marie Antoinette were incompetant and this only added to the problems. The Catalyst was when Louis decided to call the 3 estates to form an assembly to help solve the dying french economy. Ironically, everyone pitched in the effort to create a more equal france. A series of killings, wars and such happened and eventually Louis was executed along with his wife. This was the event that will soon lead to the reign of terror, and napoleon. The latter being France's only moment of glory.
Thanks to the revolutions we triggered a series of events that brought our culture today
by derek June 03, 2005
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Can only be preformed on a menstrauting female. Finger the female untill orgasm is acheived, then eat a peice of cake as a breather. Finish by resuming normal sexual activity. When the man ejaculates he removes his bloodied penis head and waves it around shouting "the king is dead!" for all present to witness.
"My girl was on the rag so I thought I'd try a French revolution"
"oh really? how did it go?"
"I was about the same as the real thing."
by Bweeze December 02, 2014
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Viva La France. Essentially, the French acting like French, but the only difference is that instead of raising the white flag like usual, they attempted to endorse something worth endorsing (liberty, equality). This failed horribly as they stormed the weapon-less Bastille and ended up slaughtering a (relatively) huge percentage of their population via the glorious guillotine. If any message came out of this beautiful revolution, it would be "prayer i'm not French," or "don't let another Robespierre kill the rich people supporting the economy."
Mike: "I'm glad the American government claims so much power."

Tom: "Why?"

Mike: "So no goddamn poor bastards like the sans-culottes can revolt and start a civil war disguished as a revolution (like in the freaking French Revolution).
by JacquesIII July 16, 2010
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A French Revolution is performed by beheading a female mate with a guillotine and proceeding to have intercourse with either side of her severed throat.
"Hey did you hear they arrested the butcher on 44th st?

"no why?"

"well it turns out he had been selling meat laced with GHB to women and dragging them to the back and giving them the french revolution"
by spilkidz June 04, 2009
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