That was the craziest f'n thing i've ever seen.
by dicesha April 23, 2008
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General party term. Stands for Fucking Bitches in the Ass.
All I wanna do is F some B's in the A.


What are you doing tonight?
F'n B's in the A
by Korinda & Ashley November 09, 2006
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Quit being like PK-King. He's an F'n Jew.
by GTiki September 17, 2019
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A kneejerk reaction to a startling event. Best used in church as not to offend any priests, pastors or flanderizez.

Abbreviation for Jesus Fucking Christ.
J F'n C, your breath be smellin like wale pussy!
by Christ0 November 30, 2006
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Where one human being is being diffrent to a direct person to give a wrong impression.
Best Friends girlfriend,
Where Dane Cook says this will be the Best Mind F'n ever.
by MarkJackson. January 21, 2009
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