Edited version of the word "fucking."
I'm F'n late for class.
by I'm late for class March 31, 2004
That was the craziest f'n thing i've ever seen.
by dicesha April 24, 2008
General party term. Stands for Fucking Bitches in the Ass.
All I wanna do is F some B's in the A.


What are you doing tonight?
F'n B's in the A
by Korinda & Ashley November 9, 2006
Quit being like PK-King. He's an F'n Jew.
by GTiki September 18, 2019
A kneejerk reaction to a startling event. Best used in church as not to offend any priests, pastors or flanderizez.

Abbreviation for Jesus Fucking Christ.
J F'n C, your breath be smellin like wale pussy!
by Christ0 December 1, 2006
Where one human being is being diffrent to a direct person to give a wrong impression.
Best Friends girlfriend,
Where Dane Cook says this will be the Best Mind F'n ever.
by MarkJackson. January 21, 2009