Short of polyurethane a material which is used, among other things, for making skateboard/longboard wheels. It's often used in term "thane lines" which are markings you leave on pavement when sliding across it.
Is it just me, or is leaving thane lines the coolest thing ever?
by dabrorius May 31, 2013
Ingmar Thorgrimmson, famous archtypal damage dealer, smiter of his enemies, and plunderer of women.
Oh god! Run! It's a thane!
by Eia December 3, 2003
Thane’s are usually very cute and funny people. It can be hard to see it but they secretly have a really soft side. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. Thane’s usually have soft brown eyes and light brown hair. They are tall and they always have a good sense of style. Their hands are soft and gentle and if you are lucky enough to hold them then cherish that moment forever. Thane is goofy and caring. He will always be there to hug you or make you laugh. Thane’s are funny, loyal, loving, caring, smart, & competitive. They are smart but only do their math homework when they want to. They call cats rotisserie chickens, especially naked ones. They seem to love animals and their company. Thane has a friendly and sweet smile and personality. They love to hangout with their friends and families and they are always the life of the party. You are lucky to have a thane as a friend. Never let them go.
Thane is the best friend you could ever ask for.
by I secretly like you October 2, 2021
Funny, cowboy-ish guy. Charming, but a bit of a man whore. Always in pursuit of a beautiful woman, and secretly love. Because of this, he hates his player reputation. Though he is a flirt, he's a good, loyal friend, and will help you out if you need him.
"Hey, who is that??? He's cute!!!"
"Oh, that guy? I don't know... He's a total Thane."
"Really??? Oh... But he seems so nice!!!"
"He is, but he can also get bored really easily... It's funny, I heard he's actually just on the look out for 'the one' !!!"

funny cowboy charming flirt player
by unicorns_rule May 27, 2011
1. One with status like that of a King;
A warrior/fighter
2. Follower and keeper to a (higher) code; that of honor or prestige

3. Proud, Arrogant, or Cocky; (Egotistic)
"See that guy... His name's Thane."
"What's he like?"
"He completely full of himself!" "Really.. He looks like he has strong character to me."
"Looks like a stick in his ass from here..."
by LordThanatos March 23, 2013
A Thane is a nickname or term used to describe a person with robotic, naive, or alien-like tendencies.
"After arriving at the party, this guy literally spent all night messing with their broken dishwasher and starring at an old painting on the wall. He was a Thane if I ever saw one."
by carl_the_runner November 12, 2019
Someone who has a particularly smelly anus usually do to excessive sweating or long breaks between bathing.
Hold your breath around that guy. He’s a thane.
by I’m_a_person September 13, 2019