From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
something prized, cash, the sound clattering coins make, good fortune, may also have a sexual connotation
He that can lay hold of her, shall have the chinks.
by notmini September 4, 2003
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Chinks is a extremely offensive word used for asians
not just Chinese, but for all Asian decendents.

The word originated from many different major historic events, for example, it was used to call the Koreans in the Korean War, or during the building of the Canadian Railway.
Asians have considered this word to be extremely offensive.

Equal to = Nigger for black people.
Some consider it worse.
Person 1: We're ready to blow this mountain away, sir.
Person 2: Good, do it now.
Person 1: There are a big amount of chinese people in there, sir.
Person 2: Their just chinks, do it now.
Person 1: Yes, sir.

by JackWho January 5, 2010
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a slang and sort of racist way to say chinese people
"dawg, those chinks have small eyes"
"fizzle doh!"
by abc November 16, 2004
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To be deceived into purchasing a product designed in mainland China, which is defective or of lower quality than expected.
Don't buy that $5 powerbank, it set my pants on fire.

Stop letting yourself get chinked.
by whitish1867 May 3, 2017
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A racist term describing any Asian person looks Chinese. Very offensive.
person 1: Look at that chink! He has such slanty eyes!
person 2: That is so racist!
by just don't ask me February 16, 2009
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why? Because your eyes get all squinty.
"Dude, I am so chinked, I can't smoke anymore"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
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A side-effect of cannabis use that causes the muscles of one's eyelids to become relaxed and slightly closed to take on the appearance of someone from Asian - or 'chink' - descent.

A similar side-effect sometimes called 'red-eye' can also occur if a user is a new smoker or just smokes a lot. This is caused from dilation of the capillary veins within the eyes.
Shit man, don't be chinking so hard when we get to school! The teacher's will know we're stoned!
by RockNn311 June 26, 2010
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