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Overrated and shitty american producer/dj duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They are best known for their 2014 song "Selfie", and "Closer" which was released in 2016. All of their songs released around 2015-2018 sound the same and recycled version of each other. Their music reached very top of the billboard charts in 2016 and they are popular among mainstream music lover retarded sheeples.

Normies often confuse their musical style with EDM, but in reality their songs are just generic boring pop trash. Normies and sheeps like their music along with other trashy autists like Alan Walker and Marshmello. It's because normies are not familiar with real electronic music, and it was the first time they heard something similar to electronic.

You can tell the chainsmokers is very uncreative and lazy by just listening to Roses, Closer and Something Just Like This, which are basically same songs with same melodies and trashy weak "drops"
"The Chainsmokers is the Nickelback of EDM, because their music is very cheap, simple and trashy af"
by p0seidon November 01, 2018
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The Nickelback of EDM whose songs sounds the same. theres even a video of how to make a chainsmoker song on youtube because its just so easy to make one
Guy A: Dude, the chainsmokers were LIT!
Guy B: I Prefer Daft Punk
by LookAtThisGraph August 22, 2017
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Kiera: OMG I'm actually super pumped to see the chainsmokers tonight!

John: Being earplugs, cause it ain't gonna sound like the radio.
by freelancecontributor November 20, 2016
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a lame ass band that's always on the fucking radio despite being shitty as hell. uses the weakest beats in existence for their generic ass songs. also their lyrics are shit, but they still won a fucking Grammy. music is dead if pressing the same damn button on your cubase gets you one. i feel bad for your ears if you listen to them.
"why the fuck do people listen to the chainsmokers"
"idk but BTS fucking likes them for some fucking reason someone needs to confiscate namj***'s iPhone"
by person with ears April 18, 2018
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When someone is beyond douche-y; a mega-douche; the embodiment of a completely entitled fuccboi.
Ugh... you're totally being like the chainsmokers OR Ugh... you're totally being a chainsmoker.
by skej May 11, 2018
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