A parking lot located in Roseville, Minnesota where Cavers go to sit around, play frisbee, skate, listen to music, and use tobacco products.
1.Vinny- "Yea, hey guys, yea, what's up guys? We going to the Cave? Cave? Anybody?" (stumbles around)
Everyone else- "To the Cave!" (Runs to their cars)
by Hasue June 13, 2006
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A Whore Like Woman Hes Over Sexual Appetite And Low Morels Have Lead Her To Have A Loose Vagina Resembling A Cave. Also Called. A Yessica.
Guy1: Did You Get The Fish Today?
Guy2: No, Why?
Guy1: Ah Fuck, The Cave Is Coming.
by Daedal August 17, 2008
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the cave, a wonderful hole in guelph, is the home to many wonderful things.

the cave is known for hosting the best taylor swift dance parties and for serving inordinate amounts of popcorn and nachos.
the cave is where the cave dwellers and the cave dweller wannabees can play wearing obama and eating all the treaties they want, without having to worry about the outside world seeing their behaviour.
everyone who has lived there loves the cave, and everyone has hasnt... wishes they had.
Q: where is the party tonight?
A: obvi, the CAVE

Q: what should we eat for snack
A: we are in the cave... clearly we should have some pop corn and NACHOS!
by cavedweller1 December 06, 2009
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