When you are getting freaky with a super thicc chick that be so thicc, you gotta use a broom stick to hold up that FUPA so you can dive in that deep cave!
After I found treasure in the deep cave, I found a reward of a Twinkie left in the FUPA. Damn, love me some thicc girls!
FUPA thicc
by Black Topper October 28, 2017
When you are overwhelmed with all you have to do and then the power is cut and the lights go out.
"Damn it, dude! I'm in a deep cave. I guess I will use the crank radio to listen to the new band Fresh Cut Salad. They are in a deep cave, too."
by Hopeless Would BeGoode October 28, 2017
Um...A cave that is deep...tf? Or a girls vagina that has been fucked by multiple dudes
Deep Cave-Cave Deep
Tom:Yup...you fuckin a thot bruh
by Ackbar21 October 27, 2017
Damn, Chad really got lost in Karen’s deep cave!
by Trevor Sixty Nine October 27, 2017