an electronica/indie duo whose trademark instruments are casio keyboards. addicting and usually upbeat. see 'sunset over malibu' and 'the new sound'.
brittnay (dancing): tonight on highway 1, i saw a sunset over malibu..

sadie: ..i see the sky, the stars, the lights, and i always think of you.
by a fire inside July 15, 2005
Energetic, patient, responsible, hardworking, and trustworthy. Capricorns are someone you want as a friend and a romantic partner! Their kind, and sympathetic nature, make them great friends. Capricorns will be glad to help out, and they expect nothing in return for their good deeds! Capricorns are passionate partners, and like to take control in romance, so they don't feel vulnerable to the other person. Capricorns are hardworking and like to plan, so that they get everything just right. But Capricorns don't trust others to finish details off their work, so they tend to work by themselves. A Capricorns weakness consists pf greed, possessiveness, and being unimaginative. Its hard to connect to them emotionally, because they will form very strong and emotional bonds with anyone they let in. Capricorns are self disciplined and can be stubborn. Pessimism and depression can creep in if the succumb to mood swings, so its important to be careful with them. And they take things seriously and sometimes literally, so choose your word choices carefully as well.
"She is as energetic as a Capricorn!"
"He almost as patient as a Capricorn!
by TigerGirl4353 September 28, 2015
A devil but also an angel. They are so evil that the devil wont even mess with them, but as sweet as a cupcake.
Don’t worry if she’s a little bit mean she’s a capricorn
by Nomitriquency July 22, 2019
Capricorn’s are the best and most loyal people to have around you they will ride with you till thee end and always have your back .... we can be We can be intimidating and manipulative and cold and Calculating but that’s because you either crossed us or did something stupid just cause and we do cut people off with no hestitation cause if you real from the beginning you would have to see the DEVILISH side of us other than we are hard working and get want we want and strive to be the best at any and everything we always put others b4 ourselves and get hurt in the end ...... so for those you trash talked the Capricorn’s you should think twice cause we are always 10 steps ahead of everything we do never UNDERESTIMATE A CAPRICORN CAUSE WE WILL PROVE YOU WRONG EVEYTIME AND MAKE THE WEAK FEEL LIKE SHIT....💯💯👿👹
Capricorn’s we are the best at everything we do and loyal to the upmost
by ♑️ October 14, 2018
a capricorn is the best zodiac sign. (zodiac sign 22nd december-19th january)

male capricorns:
the most responsible man you will ever meet. he always shows up when he says he will, he is described as ‘dependability.’ while he’s not going to focus on romance all the time, he makes sure he does everything to make his loved ones protected and happy. however; a typical male capricorn has a very good sense of humour, he’s known to cheer up anyone just by his presence

female capricorns:
the most intelligent female you will ever meet, a female capricorn is described as the ‘intelligent alpha female who keeps everyone safe.’ she will do all the chores around the house without any doubt, everything is kept clean and tidy to satisfy her loved ones. female capricorns like to be formal - however, they also have a vivid sense of humour and a beautiful smile which will brighten your day.

most capricorns don’t bother with other zodiac signs apart from themselves, capricorns have very similar interests and lifestyles which leads to them to get along well with other capricorns :)
i bet they were a capricorn
i wish i was friends with a capricorn
by pink unicornz June 20, 2019
Capricorns are the most beautiful humans on this planet. Capable of anything
John: Tim you better not fight Derek he’s a capricorn.
Tim: Oh shit yeah. I’m no match for him. Capricorn’s are unbeatable
A Capricorn is someone who works hard and often gets less than they deserve. They are industrious workers and great leaders. Not always, but often very intelligent and smart. No one is more kind than a Capricorn.
She must be a Capricorn, she is kind to everyone she meets.
by Cheese123451297 March 19, 2019