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My independence day was great and it was full of activities. In the morning I went to Ba Den Hill in Tay Ninh province, about 60 kms from HCMC, Vietnam. In the afternoon, I came back and then joined an “Independence day” party with my neighbors, and in the evening all of us watched a firework display in Hoc Mon district, HCMC. When we went there at due 9.00 pm, it was so crowded that we all got stuck so that we watched the firework display while we were right in the middle of the main road. That firework display lasted 15 minutes and the fireworks spluttered and went out continuously. We were all so exciting to see that. After the firework display, we all managed to get back but the road was so crowded. Then, my pals suggested that we brought our motorbikes across the median strip and we did so. Luckily, the boys in blue were not there so that we did not get nailed, hi…

I am sure that the boys in blue would have flipped us the bird if they witnessed that incident.
by Quan Cao Tien November 12, 2010
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