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An extraordinary guy, one who will never leave a friend behind. Brave and very friendly, takes time to listen to people's problems and is well known by everyone. Greatest friend to have as he'll always have your back no matter what the situation is. Don't be fooled by his looks this boy isn't your ordinary guy, he has his moments where he shouldn’t be messed with and will possibly kill, if you get on his wrong side. Defends his friends and tends to take all the blame on himself even if it has nothing to do with him. He may get emotional during bad times and in times of need but no matter what he is always there to look out for his family and friends. His strength is beyond words so don’t doubt his happy smiling face. He would be one of the most amazing husbands to have, as he will please any woman he loves. Can be uncontrollable when it comes to having intimacies with the one he loves as he becomes unbelievably HORNY! Loves to please women. Even though he may not be all looks this boy is one of a kind! He doesn’t come to trust people that easy and will lose all connection if that trust is broken. He is very respectful as well as respected by others older and younger. He is quiet intelligent but lazy when it comes to study. An amazing cook of Asian and Aussie cuisine. But don’t ask him to bake he might turn the desert into weapons of mass destruction. Don’t judge a book by its cover. But he has its little strange fears such as slugs but who can blame him. Is a push over to the one he adores, they share a relationship that would be classed as indescribable!!
by tiga. June 26, 2009
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A phrase used on Internet forums to counter the vast range of unverifiable claims made by users. Often these claims involve personal brag-worthy accomplishments, extraordinary or rare sights/occurrences, and tales relating to alcohol or drug use.
Guy 1: Dude, I drank four bottles of bourbon last night, then hooked up with 4 chicks at the same time, then Donald Trump came to my house and gave me a million dollars!

Guy 2: NINH!
by Lord of the barnyard April 30, 2014
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