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1. (verb) to mix things up with the use of a blender.
my friend thought she was smarter than me, but i couldn't hear her over the sound of my roommate blendering his post-workout smoothie
by nickjames23 March 03, 2011
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The act of eating and spitting out food while having sex. Creating a blender like environment.
"OH MY GOD! Blendering was so awesome last night! I still have nachos in my hair..."
person 2: "Gross"
camera man: ;)
by TeacherBigRed!;) March 23, 2012
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Rendering a picture in your pc with blender, therefore pushing your computer to the absolute max.
Person 1: Hey why is your computer so loud?
Person 2: I'm just blendering, no big deal

Person 1: Dude that's dangerous for the cpu
Person 2: How?

Person 1: The computer sounds like it's gonna explode!
by MyPenJustBroke October 10, 2017
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