13 definitions by Cloudy

Yet another derivitive of "lol."
See also lawl.
laols ensue
by Cloudy February 15, 2004
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the mixture of dick and cock, which is indeed the same yet the two combined is twice as insulting as one alone.
fucking dickcock!
by Cloudy March 30, 2004
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God, enuff said. AKA BA
Hey man, what you listening to?
BA ofcourse, only the best.
by Cloudy April 01, 2004
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a.) An atmopheric condition marked by excess cumulus buildup in the stratosphere.
b.) What that other guy said, except I don't have blonde hair.
An escalater can never break, it can only become stairs. Cloudy.
by Cloudy March 30, 2004
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Broad, sharp and damn cute.
Everyones favourite hunk, blond smooth hair and golden smile.
by Cloudy March 27, 2004
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ignore her music and image.... her lyrics are true from the heart if you actually listen to them..
"i don't wanna fall to pieces, i just wanna sit and stare at you...."
by Cloudy March 01, 2005
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