1. (n.) a term used to describe the unmistakeable mustache that is usually sported by typically older emergency responders ranging from firemen, EMT's , Paramedics and sometimes law officers. 2. ( n.) acronym for Emergency Responders Mustache
regardless of the the ERM, danny the EMT was able to work his way threw the crawl space to save the child.


that guy has the ERM going on, he must be a fireman
by wterasta March 18, 2010
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I word used commonly to fill awkward space in conversations
I erm, ran over my car with your cat.

...erm, what?
by Nikkole December 14, 2005
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awkward space filler used in tense or boring conversations
dude: wanna go bowling?
Dudette:i can't as my mother recently died when she tripped over my father, killing him, who fell on my cat Mr. Tiddles, crushing him flat. All my other relatives then died of shock.
by I am made of a special metal October 31, 2006
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A word used whenever one feels insecure or unsure about a situation, person or place in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere.
Conversation example:

Person 1: "Whats up?"
Person 2: "Nothing."

*Akward silence*

Person 1: "Erm."
Person 2: "That's much better. Let's go buy some fish."
by Delusional China Doll October 29, 2006
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Erm is a word which erm people who erm engage their mouths before their erm brains say a lot.
"Excuse me, erm, do you know the way to erm, thingy road?"
by Fira November 2, 2005
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