(verb) When a thing or a person fucks something up or fails to perform a desired function.
Tony clowned the deal...he said he was gonna pay me yesterday and hasn't gotten back to me.
by liz089 June 16, 2011
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Dumbasses who disrupt common settings by making stupid jokes, loud noises, && instigating stupid stuff.
*Boy packing on some other boy, && joke wasn't funny*

Damn, ____ is such a clown.
by piiglett. February 17, 2009
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to be making fun of someone, or make jokes
Dude The Game was clowning on 50 cent. He was clowning on the new kid.
by Matstir January 24, 2010
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1. A person who wear face paint, huge shoes, small cars, and most likely some kind of horn to instill fear in small children and even more fear in adults. A clown is probably the best thing to scare someone.
2. Someone who unintentionally embarasses themselves
3. Nickname for Shawn Crahan, one of the original founders of the Alternative Metal band, Slipknot
1. Dude, that clown scars the living shit out of me.
2. That clown always falls down when he runs.
3. Clown is one sic mother fucker.
by ThroatSlit February 17, 2006
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A Clown is born inside of a traffic cone on the side of a freeway, and then is born out of the cone and collects miscelaneous garbage strew along the freeway and with it creates a small, hovel like dwelling. Then, after it reaches it's teenage years, which is about three seconds after building it's dwelling, it looks for a mate in a circus. He attracts the mate by swinging his rubber chicken in the air while standing on one leg and singing a heavy metal version of "Yankee Doodle". After it "claims a mate" (HOMG SECKS) it then returns to it's dwelling and -insert shameful imagination here-. Afterwards, the female lays her cones along the freeway on which she was born, and they proceed to egg cars from a freeway overpass, then attack the police officer who investigaes the disturbance and run to the nearest childens party so that they can explode in a shower of organs.
by Yagatzi August 16, 2005
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