A police helicopter patrolling lower income neighborhoods looking for illegal activity.
Hey dude, that Ghetto Bird kept me up all night, looking for what I don’t know!
by Stewdawg March 7, 2021
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That almost noiseless Helicopter Police use to shine a 1,000,000 watt Flashlight into your backyard. Also used in Police chases when ground forces cannot keep up in the chase.
Is that a Ghetto Bird?

Watch out for Falling Donuts!!
by MqTallica December 29, 2005
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Police helicopter, especially when hovering over one area for a prolonged period of time.
That ghetto bird's been flying over the liquor store for half an hour.
by dannyb April 3, 2009
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The ghetto bird is (usually) a police helicopter. It is so named, due to the fact that it's usually the ONLY thing- by day or by night- that is willing to fly over areas with a high crime rate.
The pigeons won't fly over my 'hood- but the po-po do it, every night in those ghetto birds!
by Vegas Vixen July 20, 2009
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The name for police helicopters that are frequently seen in bad neighborhoods.
Man I was trying to get some sleep last night, but there was a ghetto bird circling around my house.
by Von J November 7, 2007
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A helicopter that searches above the hood for black people that are up to no good. There are no real birds in the ghetto, only ghetto birds.
Last year Tommy's cousin got caught by a ghetto bird.
by skidjy May 3, 2018
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A helicopter, that is used by the punk ass police to harass people in da hood.
Run, Run, Run, from tha ghetto bird!
by matthew gaston February 26, 2004
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