when some one stays home from school or work to play Call of Duty: Black Ops
guy 1:justin just got COd: Black Ops last week, he must have a bad case of the bops because he hasnt been in school for 3 days
by Sandman837465 November 10, 2010
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The act of receiving oral satisfaction i.e. Head
So she gave me them eyes and I knew, I was about to get that bop bop.
by Tearin' Up These Thots August 31, 2016
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A rallying cry for any type of sexual interaction: intercourse, oral, anal. Closely related to titty bop, she bop, and some definitions of bop. Term originated with Erin R. Printy of Virginia.
Can be used the same way as Get 'er Done.
Sarah totally got laid last night. Bop Bop!
by Sarah Wentz February 11, 2005
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A song that will always be good, legendary
"Yo man have you ever heard 'get low' by the ying yang twins?"
"Yeah man that will always be a bop"
by Maple syrup69 December 13, 2017
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used to reference a good song; to say that a song is really good
Situation 1: SHINee's 'View' is such a bop
Situation 2: EXO's song 'Artificial Love' from their new album EX'ACT is a bop!
by exothekings June 19, 2016
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