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The act of receiving oral satisfaction i.e. Head
So she gave me them eyes and I knew, I was about to get that bop bop.
by Tearin' Up These Thots August 31, 2016
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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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A rallying cry for any type of sexual interaction: intercourse, oral, anal. Closely related to titty bop, she bop, and some definitions of bop. Term originated with Erin R. Printy of Virginia.
Can be used the same way as Get 'er Done.
Sarah totally got laid last night. Bop Bop!
by Sarah Wentz February 11, 2005
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A term of affection like "hugs and kisses" or "love" usually used in emails or IM conversations.

Can also be used in place of "see you later".

Taken from the noise your mouth makes when you make fish mouth movements.

Bopbop is an onomatopoeic word.
-"OK man I'll speak to you later"
-"Ciao Daniel. Bopbop x"

-"Can I give you a blow job later?"
-"Yea come round."
-"OK. Bopbop x"
by LesC November 17, 2009
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(b-op-b-op) A grandfather who is raising one of their grandchildren because their children aren't ready to be a parent.
My bopbop raises me because my mom and dad are to poor to raise me.
by GreenPhoenix July 25, 2018
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