generally unimpressive or how some people would put it, "sad"
Person 1: I got a B+ on my test.
Person 2: JUST a B+? That's weak.
by xLxIxNxDxSxAxYX February 26, 2008
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The mental-emotional state when heavily attracted to or sprung on a girl; usually in regards to specific attributes, characteristics, or traits. May be synonymous/ interchangeable with "crushing" or "smitten."

Connotation usually suggests defeat, captivity, and submission.
Damn, you see that ass on Renee? Between that and those mean collarbones, I automatically got "the weakness."


- Hey bruv, how come you ain't make it to the Lucky Baldwin's last night?
- Date night with the lady...I think I have "the weakness."
by Matik Jan February 18, 2011
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Something so funny it makes you laugh so hard that you become weak

(Popular in Southeast Virginia)
by VAsFinest September 24, 2009
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means "funny" or "amused"
originated in virginia beach va
"he had me so weak"
"it was suuuuper weak"
by chris pennntz May 7, 2006
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That feeling you get when he walks by you, the way you feel when you caught him staring at you. Weakness, a feeling leaving you ready to faint into his arms. The way you feeling when you see him, sit by him or do anything involving him. The way your heart beats and you can hardly speak around him, how he calls you cute, the way he laughs at your jokes and makes you feel as if you were the only person in his world.

Weakness, the feeling you get when he walks by with a different girl, the pain you feel when you see them kiss. The way your heart sinks in with every moment you see him, how you know he will never chose you, how your just his friend. When you realize you'll never have a first kiss, how every he said never meant anything, how he'll never love you cause your not her.
The weakness you feel when you see them holding hands.
by Flordiagal March 27, 2019
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Of poor performance or stature; highly unsatisfactory.
The party on Saturday night was broken up early; shit was weak.
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
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