That's how we choose to behave, how we choose to respond or not.
"You wanna be a terrorist...we'll hunt you down and kill you... That's how we roll."
by Tweets88 September 29, 2014
that is how we act or are expected to act
yeyuh, that's how we roll me homie
by Michael Sutton March 21, 2004
To tell others how cool you do things when everyone already knows your not.
Every time I go out with my possie I pick up all the ladies, this is how we roll
by KaptainSkinBoat November 20, 2010
a catchphrase for over-excited steroid junkies who are willing to do anything to proves there awesomeness. those who use this term settlt only for perfection because "they deserve it", and they keep implying that they do not have funny balls.
Brucie: Bling, check. Bodies, check. paper, check. flashing the guns, scooping the chicks, burning the rubber, pumping the sounds. V.I.P style, thats how we roll!
by the gentlemen thief November 12, 2009