A dude who carries all his extra weight in his hips, ass and thighs rather than his gut.
That poor bastard is girl fat. He looks like a lesbian.
by M@rk@133 June 13, 2016
Slang used by British soldiers during World War 2. A fat-girl is ahooker, whore, tart or prostitute. She may be an enthusiastic amateur, but she takes money for making the beast with two backs.
I was out on the razzle last night and had a knee-trembler in the park shelter with a local fat-girl.
by AKACroatalin May 26, 2019
Guy 1: Ew, Who is that fat girl?

Guy 2: I don't know man, i wish she would leave.
by oooooori March 3, 2009
Fat girling: when one takes a bag of chips, or any other food item (plate, container, etc) and pours it into their mouth.
"Are you gonna finish those chips?"
"No, you wanna fat girl 'em?"

That is fat girling.
by Jung Woo June 10, 2008
Consuming food by cutting into and continuously eating small pieces until one or more whole units are consumed. Followed by saying- “I only had a little piece
Did you see Jessica fat girl that whole plate of cookies?

Damn there goes Jeff again- he just cut off a piece of that donut. Who is he kidding, we all know he’s gonna fat girl it.
by Schnozzmahal January 29, 2018