Titty Fuck. It means Titty Fuck.
"That brunette over there is just begging for a good TF, wouldn't you say"
by t. November 27, 2003
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?TF is an acronym similar to WTF but instead means who the fuck. Normally used in text or online conversations.
Shareequa: ?TF wuz dats bitch yuz waz ups all on at du club
last nite
Tamarcus: Damn babe, i dunno wtf yu talkin bout.
by bibpimpin303 February 05, 2011
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tittie fuck, if you cant use your imagination then its basically sticking your dick between some tits then fucking them...can leave nasty stains on your chest if he's just eaten beans or something
by nza May 12, 2004
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"TF" is short for "tryna fuck?"
you walk in to a party and instantly you see a hot girl. you start to talk and she seems like she wants it. SO just to make things clear you simply ask her "TF"?
by ARsquared January 24, 2010
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Means 'Together Forever,' when you know you've found the best guy/girl in the world! ily babe xo
Steph- I love you so much, T-F

Pierce- I love you more baby girl, T-F, F&A

Steph- naww, ily babe. Thnx for everything, your my world <3 xxxx
by Cutie96xx May 19, 2010
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