Excessive texting in public. Is extremely rude, and will cause you to look pretty lame. Brought to the world by Lee Shealy, on a church trip last year.
"Wow, shes going so fast its like texturbation!"
by TrinityUMC May 11, 2009
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1. To disturb someone with texts.

2. Sending texts to someone when they are busy or having downtime such as vacation.
All my boss does is texturb me the entire weekend!

I need to put my phone on do not texturb while I am teaching class.

I didn't send Alisa any texts this weekend because I didn't want to texturb her while she was grieving a loss.
by June 07, 2021
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The act of pleasing, amusing or satisfying oneself by endless texting.
Jane was texturbating endlessly on her cellphone while Jack was sitting on the couch and watching TV.
by ezjoe January 25, 2019
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