Your tone of voice as perceived by a text message.
Text message from Jalen to Cydney: "I hate you"

Cydney did not understand Jalen's text tone so she responded harshly to his text message.
by ceegeebee November 26, 2016
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The unintended tone read through a text, IM, or any other text based messaging system.
Text: "I hope you fucking die"
Response: "WTF!? Fuck you"
Text: "What? Why!? Oh... fucking text tone"

Text: "I hope you fucking die. lol"
Response: "Lol... Wtf?"
Text: "Lol... Proper text tone bitch."
by ThatGuyYouSortOfKnow? December 14, 2010
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text tone: to have a loud tones in ones text.
jonathon: so what homework we working on tommorow?
harmony: how do i know what homework there gonna give us tommorow?
jonathon: watch your text tone!
by Fergie The God! November 09, 2008
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Hannah-Toned Text, or HTT, is a form of text that uses only petty passive aggression. The people who send these types of texts are typically named Hannah, which is why it is called "Hannah-Toned Texts." This is in no way an inside joke or an insult to someone else, this was an observation.

HTT is a harsh form of passive aggression that should not be used unless the person you are texting is a major douchebag.
"Dude! What's with the HTT?"
"Please stop with the Hannah-Toned Text."
by itwas420just2minutesago June 10, 2020
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