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A very beautiful person who doesn't pay much attention to herself. Someone who cares about everyone's feelings. She can be pretty mean but she still cares. She doesn't put alot of confidence in herself and she tries everything she can to be there for somebody in need. She has been though alot if things so make sure you don't put pressure on her to be perfect, although she tries to be. If you get a chance to date her take it because she will make you the happiest person in the world. Once you get to meet her she is extremely shy... But then when you warm up to her, she is one chatterbox and will be pretty crazy. But Aliya is a good friend to have around. So if you have her, don't loose her. And if you get on her bad side... You might wanna get off. She isn't afraid of nobody and will beat you up in an instant if you put her in that position. So... If you find an Aliya. Just remember, don't take her for granted. She will always surprise you with her strengths. And will try hard to hide her weakness's. She tries to avoid hurt and pain because she has been through alot of it.
Person: *cries*
Aliya: what's wrong
Person: I'm fine
Aliya: No your not, talk to me... I'm here
by Yuh_girl April 26, 2017
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Aliya is a very pretty girl and gorgeous.She is shy person but,she is a talkative girl when talking with her closest contact.Aliya also a very smart person!However,you must not hurt her.She will cry but not in front of you so you must always care about her.An Aliya hate loneliness ofc.She always need friends don't care whenever she feel up or down.Aliya is best friend ever you will find because she will always be there for you! So,don't leave her alone!
Friend:Is that Aliya?! She is very gorgeous and pretty!
Me:That's Aliya
Friend:Can you help me?I want to be a friend with her.!
by I'm okay👌 June 3, 2020
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This girl is a beautiful wait no gorgeous princess and you should treat her like one! She is shy but will soon realize that and burst out of her bubble. She is definitely a keeper and a good kisser. But she is very selective of her men and has very high standards. She is also amazingly talented! If she wants something she will do anything to have it. She is a hard worker and cares about her friends. Even if they betrayed her she will do her best to help them in their time of need. Usually an Aliya will go for older guys. She is very mature and likes to think she is way older than she is. She likes to be in charge and be in control. An Aliya is the kind of girl who will always care even if it's hard not to. She loves being cuddled and loves everyone....... Well almost everyone. If you ever get a chance to date her take it! No matter the circumstances she will always be with you and love you. But she is scared of being hurt. For many people have broken her heart in the past. But all of that aside she is very strong, caring, loving, nice, strong, and will try her hardest to be the best.
Friend: Who is that girl she's sooo
Me: Beautiful? Talented? Caring? Wonderful? An absolute princess?

Friend: YES!
Me: well that's an Aliya for you
by The truth telling machine February 19, 2016
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The most perfect girl in the world. The one that drives all the guys crazy with her amazing singing voice, cute laugh and gorgeous face. The exact definition of the perfect girl. The kind of girl you want to show everyone off to and say, "look how amazing this girl is!" The kind of girl you'd want to bring home to meet your parents and the kind of girl that would be loved by them. There's no words to describe how happy she makes you but when you have her in your life you won't ever want to let go... Happy Valentine's Day.❤️
by Chafen132 February 14, 2017
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Aliya is the most amazing person ever! She is also the most beautiful person and she knows that. People would die to meet her! But, if u get on her bad side she WILL beat you up. She is also the bestest friend ever! If you say anything about her closest friends she WILL also beat you up that you will end up in hospital. She is strong, confident, caring. There aren't enough words to describe her. She also knows she is all of these things and does not let anyone put her down. I love her so much.
That person is amazing her name must be Aliya
by UnicornRainbowXXX December 7, 2017
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If you ever find an Aliya, keep her. She can be maybe quiet at times and quite awkward...but once you begin to talk to her she will really open up. She has good grades and will always be there for you. An Aliya will probably love animals! ♥ She can be mean and maybe agressive but she still cares.

Overall, Aliya is one of the best people. Don't loose her!
Me: Isnt Aliya the best?
Friend: She's kind of mean to me...
Me: She doesn't hate you, that's just Aliya.
by Sniffle. January 27, 2019
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A smart and witty girl, helps her friends out and likes the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. Hard time makeing decisions, loves music, and super gorgeous.
"Did you see Aliya, she said she'd help me with my homework."
by sciencepartner February 5, 2010
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