Mexican food or any thing Mexican related made or influenced by a non-Mexican Texan. Basically, Tex-Mex.
This recipe is texican, not exactly mexican; mexican with a twist of texas.
If your born in Texas your all texan(black,brown,yellow,white,etc.)Anyone can be an American but you gotta be born in Texas to be a Texan.
by pez September 16, 2004
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One of those mexican construction workers who ride in those little trucks with no air condition. Who are not cute at all.
Hey look a there's a Texican in that truck!
by Selena Golden April 20, 2006
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This term describes a group of boys who usually play soccer. These boys are usually the Mexican-Texan race and are described as the best players in their league/tournament.
Dad 1: Dang this team is a bunch of texicans they are so good at soccer.

Dad 2: yes these boys are for sure texicans let’s hope our boys can be this good.
by zehotboiyeehaw March 28, 2019
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