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A person living in Texas during the time of the Republic of Texas.

A person modern who advocates that Texas secede from the United States.
The Texicans sought entry of Texas into the United States as a way to repay war debts and ensure that Mexico would not attempt to reclaim their former territory.

Senator Smith is running on a Texican platform, claiming that Texas contributes more to the United States that the state receives in return.
by johntex December 08, 2004

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Adjective used to describe something of great quantity, extent, or duration.

Also, an adverb used to modify an adjective such as long or many.
Was she cute?
Dude, she was days cute.

Do you want to go to the lake Saturday?
No man, I can't. I've got days worth of studying to do.

She looks days skanky wearing all that makeup.
by johntex December 08, 2004

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The action of accidentally leaving something behind on an airplane, most notably in the seatback storage area in front on you.
I was reading a great article in Wired, but I seatbacked it on the flight back from Kona.
by johntex December 08, 2004

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